I liked him

On Saturday, October 18, 1997, the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant published an article by Rob Gollin and Bas Mesters with the title ‘In de hoek gedrukt’ (page 1). It contained a statement by the then 21-year-old Roland about his adult friend Patrick.

Taken from the collection Positive Memories, compiled by T. Rivas.

“I liked him. At home things were not going as they should. One time we were together in the dressing room of the swimming pool, naked. It was quiet, we did not touch each other. Such a big penis, I loved it. If I had not wanted to, Patrick would not have pressed me. That is not the way he is.

Around my 17th, I became too big and hairy for him. I accepted it. Our contact was as great as before. I went looking for something on my own, no children, they don’t appeal to me. I do not at all believe that I suffered any harm from this relationship. Quite the contrary, Patrick helped me.”

Original Dutch text