I thought he was pretty attractive

George Takei, an American actor (Star Trek), author and activist, tells of an intimate teenage experience at a summer camp.

Source: Youtube, 2017.

The Star Trek actor said that at the age of 13 he had a sexual experience with his camp counselor who was about 18 or 19. When asked if he considered it molestation in a sense because he was 13, he said, “No, no, because I was kind of, I thought he was pretty attractive.”

Transcript by JUMIMA

Interviewer: George, where did you go to summer camp?
George Takei: At Lake Arrowhead, in Southern California.

Interviewer: How old were you at the time?
George Takei: I was 13, yeah.

Interviewer: And you blew your counselor? [Laughter]
George Takei: No, I was very young and he was an older teenager, he was the camp counselor.

Interviewer: Nineteen would you say?
George Takei: He was about 18 or 19, yeah. And he was experienced. And we each had cabins and he was the counselor in my cabin.

Interviewer: He could tell that you were a gay man? Was it evident at 13?
George Takei: No, no. It wasn’t.

Interviewer: Were you sure at that point that you were gay?
George Takei: No I was not sure. [Laughter]

Interviewer: And, how did he seduce you?
George Takei: Well, he started touching me and..

Woman: Wait a minute, he came into your cabin, you two were alone, he sits down next to you on your bed…
Interviewer: How were you alone at summer camp?
George Takei: We went in the cabin.

Interviewer: And where were the other boys?
George Takei: They were off hiking or something.

Woman: Doing little boy things… [Laughter]
Interviewer: Somehow you managed to stay behind… Do you think subconciously you stayed behind because you wanted to be alone with him?
George Takei: No, no, there was some kind of reason why I had to be there.

Interviewer: Where you on your period? [Laughter]
George Takei: And he was gonna teach me something…

Woman: Oh yes, he was … [Laughter]
Interviewer: And you sat there, and he touched you… Where you molested in a sense, because you were 13?
George Takei: No, no, because I was kind of, well … I thought he was pretty attractive.