They made love for hours

This case comes from an (undated) article by Pierre van der Aalst and Frits Molenaar with the title ‘We konden urenlang vrijen’ (We could make love for hours) and has the subtitle (a series of articles actually had this name) ‘Tieners van toen’ (former teenagers).

Taken from the collection Positive Memories, compiled by T. Rivas.

It concerns a young man of 23, called Stephan, who’s being interviewed about his relationship with an adult, Patrick (then 37), which started when he was eleven years old. This means that when their relationship began, Patrick must have been around 25. At the time of the article Stephan and Patrick still continued to be friends.

They met at an ice rink and while introducing themselves they discovered Patrick knew Stephan’s family quite well as he used to live in their street. They saw each other several times at the ice rink and then also went to the movies together. After this, Stephan wanted to know where Patrick lived. He started visiting Patrick and during the first two visits everything remained platonic. They first had sex during Stephan’s third visit.

Stephan’s father had physically abused him and his elder brother. About the time Stephan started seeing his friend Patrick, his father had left the family. Stephan felt very relieved, but within one year, his mother got a new boyfriend with a severe drinking problem who wasn’t very nice to him either. Stephan decided to run from home, and ended up at Patrick’s place. A social worker agreed to this situation and the boy stayed there for three months.

Stephan states that he liked the sex with Patrick so much that he almost could be called addicted to it. They made love for hours. This mostly consisted of caressing and kissing each other and playing with each other’s genitals. They tried anal sex, but did not like it.

Stephan often used to help Patrick with daily chores such as pealing potatoes, rinsing the dishes, etc. but sometimes he simply did not feel like it. This sometimes irritated Patrick and they solved their conflict by sharing a shower or the bed.

Stephan also started seeing girls and he told Patrick about his experiences with them very openly. Other activities they used to share were ice skating, swimming and riding their bikes. One time they did a tour by bike around the Netherlands of about 300 kilometers.

Stephan adds that he felt very much at ease while approaching girls, which earned him the nickname of “Mr. Bodycheck”. He considers himself a bisexual though. More generally, he is a very sociable person with lots of friends.