It isn't always bad

hyacinth is a user of BoyChat, a web forum for pederasts. He describes a sexual experience with a Benedictine monk at the age of 14.

Source: BoyChat

It isn’t always bad.

Posted by hyacinth on 2002-May-16 23:06:56, Thursday

I was fucked (my first time) by a horny benedictine monk when I was 14. I had gone to this church with a group of music students to see a demonstration of the pipe organ there and a little tour of the church. I had noticed this priest kept looking at me. I was’t stupid, at 14 I knew my way around and had already had many sexual adventures, mostly with boys. Anyway, at the end of his demonstration, he said to me that I seemed to know more about organs than the others, I said yes I was very interested. He asked me if I wanted a tour through the organ, I said yes of course, and told the others to go, I knew how to take the bus home.

So he took me upstairs through the pipe chambers, explaining everything to me. He was very nice. When we got back down, he said you know the organ runs on air, do you want to see the motor room downstairs, I said yes. We went down to this locked and soundproofed room in the basement, and I noticed that he locked the door as we went in. We lloked at the motor, blower, generator, and air regulators. I noticed there was a desk with some oil cans and tools, and a nice large sofa! Then I found out that he also kept some ky and some towels, and I found out why. He was a little forceful, but he never hurt me, well maybe it hurt just a little bit at first. But he was very nice and very gentle, and I liked him alot. I was NOT molested or seduced, you can’t rape the willing as someone once said.

He never contacted me again, I don’t know if I was too easy or he just didn’t like me. But while I didn’t love him, I think love takes more than one time, and more than sex, I have no ill feelings towards him at all. I think it was a very positive experience for me.