I Don't Understand Why This Is Not Allowed

This interview with a man and a boy was published in 1991 in the Dutch pedophile magazine OK.

Source: ‘I Don’t Understand Why This Is Not Allowed’ - A man and a boy, 12 years old, talk about their relationship; Interview conducted by P. de Jong; Appeared originally in the Dutch pedophile magazine OK; Translated by Leo Toledo; Nambla Bulletin, Vol. 12, No. 5; June 1991

Interviewer: Now, a difficult question: do you also play sex games with each other?

Johan [age 30]: Well, sometimes. Sometimes we both are in a rather hot mood, [Serge, age 12, is laughing] and then something happens, yes. […]

Serge: You always initiate it!

Johan: Then don’t challenge me!

Interviewer: Serge, do you also like it, or do you do it on account of Johan?

Serge: No, I like it myself.

Interviewer: Are there also things you don’t like? Does Johan sometimes get it his way and you don’t?

Serge: No. And should Johan do something I don’t want, then he knows very well what would happen!

Interviewer: What do your parents and schoolmates think of your relationship?

Serge: My parents don’t know about it. Oh yes, they approve my visiting Johan but don’t know everything. […] Yes, but my mom doesn’t believe that. She believes I would tell her. But I won’t.

**Interviewer:**Don’t you find it annoying to keep matters a secret?

Serge: No. I’m not going to tell all. My friends at school know for sure that I visit Johan and that he takes pictures of me, but not the rest. Besides, no nude pictures - bare chest at the most.

Interviewer: Serge, is Johan kind of an extra daddy to you?

Serge: No, no, not that. I wouldn’t want that. I’ve got already two; one real and one not real. The not-real one is very nice, but Johan is just a friend. […]

Serge: I don’t understand why this is not allowed, sex between boys and men. That doesn’t make sense.

Interviewer: Many people claim that kids don’t really like sex with men.

Serge: I think most of us do like it. Otherwise they would tell their parents, seems to me. […]

**Interviewer:**Are you in love with each other?

Serge: No, I like him a lot, but I am not in love.

Johan: I am! I am in love with Serge.

Serge: You forgot to ask: When I stay overnight do I sleep on the sofa or in bed with Johan?

Interviewer: Well?

Serge: In bed!