An industrial representative

This report is about a boy who first had sexual contact with an adult at 13. It originally appeared in a scientific journal.

Taken from the collection Positive Memories, compiled by T. Rivas.

Source: This case is taken from Ralph H. Tindall: The Male Adolescent Involved With A Pederast Becomes An Adult; Journal of Homosexuality, Vol. 3(4), 373-382, Summer 1978.

Burt was originally referred as a fourteen year old who was already one grade behind in school. He was reported to be difficult to control when in school and to be frequently truant. Burt was of average ability as indicated on an individually administered intelligence test and reading above grade level though he was failing all subjects. He was breezy in manner but responded to the treatment as an equal. He was the youngest son in a military service family. He had two older brothers and an older sister. His father was a heavy weekend drinker, authoritarian, and demanding. His mother was passive, permissive, and somewhat withdrawn.

Burt reached pubescence at approximately age thirteen. He subsequently engaged in mutual masturbation with peers, some of whom were slightly older than he. During one or his truancy escapades he learned that he could hitch rides and meet men who would offer money for sexual favors.

During his 14th year he met an industrial representative who took him to a motel. He liked this adult who was approximately 40 years of age. The man took Burt to dinner, bought him clothing, and gave him pocket money. They continued to meet many times, even after Burt married at the age of eighteen. At age twenty, Burt ceased to have contact with him, as the industrial representative was transferred to a distant territory. Burt knew little about the man except that he was married and had three children.

Burt is now 26 years of age, married, and the father of one child. He did not finish school, dropping out after the 10th grade, but he did take a high school equivalency examination successfully. He reports no further homosexual activity nor any desires in that direction but some extramarital activity. His marriage is still intact. He has held a salesman’s position for a period of five years that seems to provide for his family. He has not seen the industrial representative since the relationship ended.